About TabiBoba

TabiBoba first came into Qatar in early 2020 with the world's first handmade Boba Tea Brand, 'OneZo', from Taiwan. We subsequently brought in 'Dartslive' from Japan, and 'The Golden Duck' from Singapore. We strive to provide customers the best of service and a fun environment for all ages to enjoy!

Our Brands


OneZo is the first Boba (Bubble) Tea brand to handcraft our Boba (Bubble) in-store, using only raw materials imported from Taiwan. This allows OneZo to be the only Boba Tea brand in the world to have more than 15 flavors of Boba selection!

Our Brands

The Golden Duck

The Golden Duck is a purveyor of gourmet snacks. Founded in 2015 in Singapore for the creation of Salted Egg Flavoured snacks. With features from Forbes-Asia, CNA, Timeout, Business Insider and Straits-Times News with regards to their Research & Development for delicious Asian Delicacies.

Our Brands


Not only you can enjoy our drinks and snacks, you can challenge yourself or with your friends on our Dartslive consoles. It is a network-connected electronic darts machine which is considered a global standard of electronic darts. Dartslive is developed by SEGA-Sammy Group from Japan.

Why TabiBoba

Freshness and no preservatives

Every Boba is made from scratch with raw materials imported from Taiwan. No preservative, only Freshness.

Best drinks selection in the city

Choose a drink for your own taste. We make boba tea not only based on tea, but also based on coffee, milk and milkshake, honey, yogurt.

Holistic fun environment for all ages

Retro games console, Darts Machines, and Karaoke rooms to provide you with an unique fun experience for you!

Gallon challenge

We offer you and your friends an exciting challenge to participate in 1-gallon boba tea


Entry fee: 350 QAR.

Must complete within 15 minutes.

The winner will receive

700 riyals in cash

Gift card for 10 drinks

Plushie Set worth 199

Polroid photo for the winners

You can now book our Karaoke Room

Enjoy your own singing of your favorite songs in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Our acoustic system will impress you with connoisseurs of high-quality sound and extensive selection of songs.

Just order
a minimum
of 4 large drinks to enjoy
1 hour of Karaoke
Room Booking

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